an organic, non-overwhelming interface for your relationships
Our relationships are shaped by the very environment we interact in.
These spaces contribute to our sense of connection and help shape and nurture our relationships.
public space
Public spaces, such as parks and streets, offer opportunities for social interaction with strangers and acquaintances, and can facilitate the formation of new relationships.
partial open space
Partially open spaces, like cafe and workplaces, offer a more structured environment for developing relationships with collaborators and colleagues.
private space
Private spaces, such as homes and intimate venues, provide a space for developing deep, personal relationships with family, friends, and partners.
within spaces
Within spaces, people are engaged in different activities with
different groups of people at different time.
We represent these activities with BLOCKS,
and organize them with CHANNELS.
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An aggregated and concise interface for your social life
A neutral, adaptable, consistent design system inspired by Inuit Igloo Building
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